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Useful Tips About Timber

About Timber

Timber is a natural and user-friendly construction material that has proven its reliability throughout history. Our ancestors have been building timber houses for thousands of years; this means that the experience and traditions of our forefathers are at our disposal. By adding our modern tools and knowledge, we can build comfortable houses that meet all the modern requirements.

Nordic pine with its finely spaced growth rings is a well-known and sought-after building material around the world and the timber felled in winter makes the best construction material. Therefore, if you plan to begin the construction of your house next spring, it would be advisable to start making arrangements for the construction drawings and the construction works this autumn at the latest. Changes and adjustments in the drawings can be made until the beginning of the manufacture; however, these must be added in writing to our contract. If you contract us in the autumn, we can harvest the timber at the best time for quality log house material.