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Log Houses

Log Houses

If you are planning to build a home, a summerhouse, a garden building or a sauna and value healthy and environmentally friendly surroundings, then a log house is the best option for you.

If you are not interested in turned and milled round logs or laminated log houses, then Palkehituse OÜ is just the place to order a traditionally handcrafted log house from.

Handcrafted logs enable us to create unique structures; therefore, finding two similar buildings is nearly impossible. As a rule, our houses are built on special order because our customers have such unique visions of their future homes. If you would like to take a look at the products of Palkehituse OÜ, you can find the sample kits and prices for the most popular standard houses HERE and a gallery of some of our unique customized projects HERE.

Our kits range from linear kits to complete packages:

  • Logs Only − this kit includes all the necessary materials for constructing log walls (see specifications).
  • All Timber Elements − the kit includes all timber elements a building would require: the logs, timber for a roof construction, floors, ceilings and the material for a terrace as well as all the necessary woodworking joints (see specifications).
  • Doors and Windows Installed − in addition to all the timber elements, you will receive all necessary doors (front and back doors, doors to the balconies and interior doors), windows and wooden stairs (or staircases). You can also order roofing materials and thermal insulation for both the floors and the roof from Palkehituse OÜ.
  • The Turnkey Solution − this service is provided in collaboration with the partners of Palkehituse OÜ.
One of the most important decisions to make before ordering a log house shell is to choose a log profile and a corner style. These decisions will affect the aesthetics of your log building as well as its structure. Our log profiles can be found HERE and our corner styles HERE.