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Log Houses Where to begin?

Where to begin?

Our log houses are generally manufactured based on customized projects but we have created several sample projects as well to introduce our range of products.

If you have already acquired a construction site or are planning to purchase one, you should familiarize yourself with the construction regulations and the block plans of your local government. This would help to clarify the necessary conditions for the construction:

  • The permitted gross floor area
  • The permitted maximum height of the building
  • The permitted angle of the roof pitch
  • The permitted construction materials
  • The requirements for technical systems (plumbing, electricity, etc.)

You should try to draw a sketch of your ideal log house by taking into account the limitations set in the construction regulations and block plans. You should also calculate how much you are willing to invest in the construction.

If you already have a clear vision of your future home or you cannot make up your mind about the design of your house, feel free to either phone us or e-mail us at

After we have completed the preliminary design of your building (in collaboration with you, of course), we can give you a tentative price quotation. Please check out useful tips from the section Good to Know.