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Design Services

In collaboration with us, you can create a design based on your vision and a house based on the design. Without sound and comprehensive construction drawings it is impossible to build a good quality house. The more time and effort is put into the design, the better the end result will be. You would also need construction drawings to apply for construction, occupancy and other permits and for supervising the construction.

Palkehituse OÜ can provide the following components of the design documentation:

1. Architectural drawings:

  • Foundation plan
  • Floor plans
  • Exterior design renderings
  • 3D cross-sections

2. Construction drawings:

  • Detail drawings of log walls and bearing constructions and the instructions for assembly and packaging
  • Floor and ceiling framing plans
  • Roof framing plans
  • Drawings for timber frames
  • Framing plans for terraces and balconies
  • Detail drawings of typical conjunctions, details and walls
  • The specifications of the materials and products in the kit
  • The specifications of the doors and windows
  • Drawings of the staircases

Site plans and drawings for technical components (e.g. plumbing, electricity, and ventilation) can be provided by different architectural bureaus and licensed design firms.

The price of the construction drawings will be added to the cost of your house; this can be between 5−10% of the cost of the house.