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The Services of an Expert Builder

As the main branch of activity of Palkehituse OÜ is manufacturing buildings and items made of handcrafted logs, then The Turnkey Solution service is only available in cooperation with our partners.

If you already have a reliable construction firm in mind, you can naturally use their services for assembling the house.

However, we strongly recommend including at least one expert from Palkehituse OÜ for the first two or three weeks in the process of assembling your Palkehituse OÜ log house in order to instruct you and to help assemble the log walls and the roof structure; if necessary, our expert would also help you to install all the doors, windows and other constructional elements that are characteristic of log houses. Including an experienced builder would help to avoid possible flaws which would cause problems in the later stages of the construction and when exploiting the building in the future.

The cost of the construction of a log house depends on the complexity of the building, the amount of work and the conditions on the construction site. In most cases, the cost of the assembly will constitute about 20−30% of the cost of the logs. Ordering an expert's services comes at an extra cost; his fee is calculated on the basis of an hourly rate. A Palkehituse OÜ expert can also be included to supervise some specific constructional works such as assembling the log walls or erecting the roof construction.